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Honey and Venom

This song is by Cretin and appears on the album Stranger (2014).

I was eating ice cream when it happened, when she staggered into the mall
It was hard to see her features, welted purple as she was
You heard before you saw it, the buzzing, all those bees clouding like a storm
People panicked, flapping arms as if to fly away
Mothers hugged their children
I jumped into the penny fountain
Who knows why the woman--dripping honey, maybe venom--was hugging that beehive, or why she'd woven flowers in her hair
The news said she'd pointed, screaming for her bees to attack, that she was indigent
Kids later found her campsite, full of wax sculptures
She finally lobbed the hive through the shoe store window before collapsing
No one ever mentioned the craziest part: the bees were obeying
I swear, the droning seemed to come from her rictus, like a sigh of triumph
They were finding bees for days after things returned to normal

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