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Ghost of Teeth and Hair

This song is by Cretin and appears on the album Stranger (2014).

Gross. they say I ate you in the womb, that mom had no room. your teeth, hair and fingernails in my brain explain why I'm not smart. doctors cut you out. mom kept you in a baggie. I glued your parts into a doll and do you like your little cape?

We ride my bike so fast, we pedal hard right past the mean dog's yard and through the woods. oh twin you want back in? they stole you from the grave inside my brains. now you haunt, you beg. mom said you don't miss inside of me. but she's wrong, my ghost of teeth and hair.

It got dark, streetlights turned on. mom will know we've gone too long. she'll see I stole the kitchen knife, her favorite one of all. one last chance to see if you are ok there taped on top my handlebars, or are you still sad we can't be like normal outside twins? fine. you win, you'll go back in. I'll put you back. we all go back.

Now we ditch the bike and hide behind the hill with dirt clods. Try to make a fire but can't without my flint and tinder.

Cut my bandage off. gonna have to feel my way around. no mirror. I peel the skin right back and pop the threads. my bone is like a door. you go inside and rattle, say hello.

Hello again my twin.

Oh. so much blood. squirt the glue and wait. have you found your hiding place? stars! in the sky? or behind my eyes? now we sleep whole again.

Now we sleep whole again.

Now we sleep.

Now we

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