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This song is by Crematory and appears on the album Act Seven (1999).

Motionless, uncoscious, hopeless
Waiting for a sign
Awesome, Frightened, respectful
Devoted to life

Ruchless, without ambition, aimless
Followed the wrong path
Egoistic, brutal, honest
Finished with the past

For you and forever - For you and forever

Waiting for a sign - to take your life
Waiting for a sign - looking for the source
Waiting for a sign - like tears in your hand
Waiting for a sign - for the rest of your life
For the rest of your time
For you and forever - For you and forever

Painless, unattractive, faceless
Looking towards the future
Longing, sensitive, dignified
Escaped the unknown
Miserable, restless, indecent
Eyes set on goal
Cruel loathsome, repulsive
Waiting for the end

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