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Theres A New Girl

This song is by Creeper Lagoon and appears on the EP Remember The Future (2002).

There's a new girl
Out on our porch last night and
She was singing
To her dad and drinking
I heard her say
I don't care what anyone says
You're a flower wilted by the hour
And losing power

I'm gonna leave today
I'm gonna break away
I'm moving on
I'm moving on
I'm gonna leave today
I'm gonna break away

And upstairs
Her mother comes down to see
What was going
Oh and it was snowing

I don't care
If you get your body breathing
Just, keep it to yourselves (i'm pretty sure it's plural here)
Don't bother anyone else
When you go

There's a new girl out on her porch last night
And she was singing to her dad and drinking
And leaving

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