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Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)

This song is by Creedence Clearwater Revival and appears on the album Creedence Clearwater Revival (1968).

I got to have all your love
Night and day.
Not just a little part,
But all of your heart, sugar.

Ninety-nine and a half just won't do.
Oh, no, no, just won't get it.

Don' t be led
In the wrong direction.
To start this thing off right,
A man need a little love and affection,
Oh, yes, he do, now.

All right!

Looked here,
We got to bring it all down,
Start gettin' it right.
We got to stop this messin' around,
And keep the thing up tight,
Oh, yes we do, now.

All right, sugar.

Got to have a hundred,
Yeah, got to have a hundred.
All right!

Oh, I must do, I must do,
I must do now.


Got to have a hundred!
Yeah, got to have a hundred!
Oh! Got to have a hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hundred, too right.
Got to have a hundred, now. Oh!



  • Lead guitar, lead vocals: John Fogerty
  • Rhythm guitar, backing vocals: Tom Fogerty
  • Bass guitar: Stu Cook
  • Drums, percussion: Doug Clifford

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