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Born to Move

This song is by Creedence Clearwater Revival and appears on the album Pendulum (1970) and on the compilation album Chronicle, Volume Two (1986).

Ev'ry day I'm gonna strut that stuff.
When the music's loud, I can't get enough.
Singin' hi, singin' hi,
Come on, feet,
Teach yourself to move. Hey!

People shufflin' up and down again,
Unhappy faces ain't gonna get you in.
Singin' hi, singin' hi,
Come on, people,
Teach yourself to move.

Hey, hey!
Hey, alright!

Spread the news, we're goin' have some fun.
Let it go, movin', son-of-a-gun.
Singin' hi, signin' hi,
Come on, feet,
We was born to move.

Hey, hey, Lord!
Come on, move it
Now, boy!



  • Lead guitar, lead vocals: John Fogerty
  • Rhythm guitar: Tom Fogerty
  • Bass guitar: Stu Cook
  • Drums, percussion: Doug Clifford

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