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This song is by Creed and appears on the album My Own Prison (1997).

The Sun rises to another day,
My constitution keeps changing, 'til it slips away
So I lie awake and stare - My mind thinking,
Just wondering, does anybody care?
-(He says, "Does anybody care?")-

Should I stay or go?
Should I sleep or stay awake?
Am I really happy, or is it all just an illusion?

Sitting in my room now - Hiding thoughts,
Just hoping one day I'll get out
I hear a voice call my name,
Breaking trance, so silent,
So I can stay the same


Wait now, many things left unsaid
This life remains the same, but I change
I try to fool myself in believing
Things are going to get better, but life goes on

[Chorus] ...Just an illusion, (x7)

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