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Bound & Tied

This song is by Creed and appears on the movie soundtrack Dead Man on Campus (1998).

Tongue-tied, restless and wanting
Looks like you might bite, you might bite
Breathing in, breathing out, you're weakened
The poison's hit your mind, your mind
Time's ticking and its got ya' thinking
You're happy with your life, your life

You're jaded, slated and singled out
By all those chains that bind, that bind

Take a jet plane my way lately?
'Cause now you are mine, you are mine
This airplane's going my way
'Cause now you're bound and tied
You're bound and tied
You're bound and tied

Now sit and reflect on all the fame
Time to dim your light, your light
Zooming in, zooming out, you're questioning
For that there is no crime, no crime

(Pre-Chorus) / (Chorus)
...And we fly - We fly, we fly (repeat)
...And we fly - And we fly away... away

-Bound and tied
-Bound and tied
-You're Bound and tied (- repeat x3)
...You're bound and tied

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