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World Holocaust

This song is by Creation's End and appears on the album A New Beginning (2010).

Mine is a tortured soul
Ripped into pieces
Look onto broken walls
See them crumbling down.
Needles are piercing me
Blood stains the sky
Glass breaks upon the floor
Tell me how you look.

These walls surrounding me
Families torn apart
Broken bodies line the streets
Heavens black above me
Darkened earth below
My heart breaks within me
War in search of peace

So this is what it comes to
Regard for life is lost
We fight and kill for justice
But is it worth the cost?

We're blinded by the mission
Our virtue, it is lost
The brink of world destruction
Our world holocaust

This is what it's come to
Regard for life is lost
Bring peace by killing other
But is it worth the cost?

We serve our own desires
Our virtues have been lost
Destruction rains upin us
It's our world holocaust

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