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Lollipop Porn

This song is by Crazy Town and appears on the album The Gift of Game (1999).

(come on)

Dancing with the devil on the 13th floor
Non stop knocking on heaven's door
Thinking faster flirting with disaster plastered
I'm your puppet master pushin' proper data
Watch the city steal your soul as the drugs take control
and the problems of the world put your life on hold
You should have known by now that it just don't stop
You like that rock Hip-hop you make me grab my crotch.

I got a lollipop porn bitch (Dead on arrival)
a hardcore sex bitch turned (suicidal)

All caught up now taking my chances playing my song
While the devil dances 'round me beggin' me to play along.

Now over the years I've learned to love the pain
I'm what you call a lady-killer with the 'gift of game'
Triple X true that you do dat dat
Let it ride bring it back over 24 tracks
We're gonna rock the fuckin' block tonight
we're gonna rock that shit n' gonna make it right
Diggi, diggi, damn right, we's dynomite
So we can do this or you can do what you like
I grab the mic and make it mine
I grab the mic and make it hype
So we can do this, or you can do what you like.

I got a lollipop porn bitch
a hardcore sex bitch turned suicidal


Riding on the 3rd rail, taking risks, life is risky
The 'E' stands for Epic and the 'S' stands for Shifty
So let the good times roll, there's no controlling us
Walking on water and kicking up dust
The boisterous, causing panic in the land of lust
The shellshock lollipop crazy down to make your body rock
Sugar I love the way your body talks
Now, whoever said that sex was overrated
Love leaves me devastated, life's so fuckin' complicated
Shifty say what?, epic's a beat slut
and I got so many rhymes I can't keep my mouth shut.

and I got so many rhymes I can't keep my mouth shut.


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