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This song is by Crass and appears on the album Christ - The Album (1982).

Chorus: if they drop a bomb on us, we fucking deserve it
We know we got it coming, we fucking deserve it
They got a comfy set up, they'll try and preserve it
We had the early warning, we can sit and observe it.

Sliding down guidelines, cradle to the grave
All the willing saviours see that we behave
Everybody knows they're there, see them all around
Lots of little people who'll put you in the ground
Well, take a burning issue and stuff it up your arse
They've fucked you with a furrowed brow, shitting broken class
Marching down the ?dilly to demonstrate again
While the men who plan the holocaust are pissed out of their brains
Brain of pasty people, who'll bomb it all to fuck
You can be a victim or they'll let you try your luck
Pass it on to others, ship it down the line
Leave your world in ruins, you know we've got the time

Cop-outs for motives... freudian analyst,
Come on mr. horror, what do you make of this?
Wont? find many people without their rationale
Any handy concept to hang upon the wall
Soldier got his enemy
Police have got the state
Family have got home sweet home
SS got red tape
MP's got his duty
Priest has got his sin
Everybody finds a hole
To drop somebody in
Seeking out wisdom in the ironies of life
Weighing up subtleties, fiddling with the ties
No one else decides for you, whether to or not
You make an easy target if you're running on the spot

Someone's been training, flexing their muscles
Getting in practice, irrelevant tussles
Given a march, or a quiet Sunday demo
They wait till the state puts the finger on you

Peeping through a frown, your humanity in rags
Playing the loser till the sense of purpose sags
They can deal with heroes, watch the bleeders run
It's only your head keeps the target from the gun
No one else decides for you, whether to or not
You make an easy target if you're running on the spot...

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