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This song is by Crass and appears on the album The Feeding of the 5000 (1978).

I am no Feeble Christ, not me! He hangs in glib delight upon His cross, above my body! "Christ, forgive!" Forgive?! Shit, fuck, I vomit for you, Jesu; shit forgive. Down now from your cross! Down now from your papal heights, from that churlish suicide, petulant child! Down from those pious heights, royal flag bearer, goat, billy! I vomit for you! Forgive?! Shit, "He" forgives! He hangs in crucified delight nailed to the extent of His vision, His cross, His manhood, violence, guilt, sin! He would nail my body upon His cross, suicide visionary, death reveller, rake, rapist, lifefucker, Jesu, earthmover, Christus, grave digger! You dug the pits of Auschwitz! The soil of Treblinka is your guilt, your sin! Master?! Master of gore, enigma! You carry the standard of your oppression! Enola is your gaiety! The bodies of Hiroshima are your delight! The nails are your only "Trinity"! Hold them in your corpse-y gracelessness, the image I have had to suffer! The cross is the virgin body of womanhood that you defile! You nail yourself to your own sin! Lame-arse Jesus calls me "Sister"?! There are no words for my contempt! Every woman is a cross in His filthy theology, in his arrogant delight. He turns his back upon me in His fear; He dares not face me! Fear-fucker, share nothing in Christ! Sterile, impotent, fucklove prophet of death! You are the ultimate pornography, in your cuntfear, cock-fear, man-fear, woman-fear, unfair, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare, warfare! Jesus died for his own sins, not mine!

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