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Riot In Everyone

This song is by Crashdïet and appears on the album Rest In Sleaze (2005).

They think they can hold us down forever...
But no one can beat us out of phase...
We live hard, creatin' all the terror...
The government is shaded by our craze...

Wont take shit from no one
Breakin free, never stop...
Livin' rabid in the everland...

Ooh we're the kids of the underground
Ohoh there's a riot in everyone
We're the kids of the underground
And we're loud as we tear'em down
Ooh we're the kids of the underground
Ohoh there's a feelin' you can't deny
There's a feelin' you can't deny...
'Causetheres a riot in everyone...

They say you shall live as you are told to
I say you gotta be strong and make up your own mind
Be your self not a puppet in their freakshow
'Cause that's the way you'll end up when they beat you blind

Wont take shit from anyone (NO ONE)
Never played by the rules
'Cause we're the kids of the underground...

Our time, our ways, we're the wasted generation
Our life, we pay, with our nasty reputation
We will always be living free
Always on top of the misery
To live hard is a luxury
And to die of our prophecy

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