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Man I Used To Be

This song is by Crash Karma and appears on the album Crash Karma (2010).

Crawl in circles
I might as well pray
Seems like
I've already done this yesterday
Dull and static it all feels the same
Break the cycle can't keep playing these stupid games
Every time I look at you
See the man I used to be
Stuck inside your shell
I can't breathe without you
Every time I look at you I feel
Taken by the pain inside
All this yelling can't take anymore
Claustrophobic all seems hopeless flat on the floor
Tore my wings off now I can't fly
Crushed my spirit young and useless
Waiting to die Help me, save me, take me
Far away from here
Make me disappear All this time
I thought you were mine
But you were just making me yours

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