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​Finally Free

This song is by Crash Karma and appears on the album Rock Musique Deluxe (2013).

Somebody told me of
A story so cruel
A boy and girl engaged
Fresh out of school
She tells him meet me
At the chapel at five
She brings her lover hoping
The boy won't survive

That boy he finds a job
And saves all his pay
He wants to buy a gun
And end it today
He realizes life
Ccan be really tough
And now he's married
50 years and still in love

I see the world upside down
I'm finally free
I see you walk through the crowd
Running away from me
I've seen a building come down
And fall at my feet
I see the kids wearing crowns
They rule over me

I found the key to let
Me out of this cage
I'm moving forward
Time to turn the page