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This song is by Cranes and appears on the album Population Four (1997).

I dream for you
To be for you
But all the time your window is closed

I see you through the glass...
A reflection of myself maybe falls
Between us when the sun comes out...

So give me life and soul to go
When the sun shines bright
And give me love and bliss and hope
In the darkest night

Your blinds are blind
And your cats want the birds
In my garden heaven
Where I'm lodging tonight
...And the glass in your window
Is killing tomorrow for me...

Closer and closer, we can't get much older
I'm smashing but breaking,
My heart has awoken
These windows soon shatter for me
Black on the outside, it's black on the inside
Together we'll make it
Darkness sedated to grey
...But the bars at your window
Are killing tomorrow for me...

Written by:

Alison Shaw and Jim Shaw

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