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This song is by Cracker and appears on the compilation album Garage d'Or (2000).

Ah Miss G Mary won't you C please G come home from D (7) China.
Bring a G bottle of whisky and a C tin cup G for your D (7) teeth.
Em Don't you sneak D into the G back door C wearing some D (7) disguise.
Em Knock on the D front door in G view of the C Temperance D (7) Guild.

Ah Miss Mary won't you please come home 'cause I miss ya.
Your old spinster sister don't always give good advice.
Look at her she's in love with that drunken bandy-legged sheriff.
He'll unzip her pantsuit, but never leave his fat wife

Ah Miss Em Mary won't you B please come home from C China.
A Come home from G China.
D Come home from C China Am6.

Now that fake old beatnik poet the volunteer fireman.
He don't care if you come, he don't like I do.
He's in love with his dog and all his volunteer fireman.
And he is afraid to let the end of his versus rhyme.


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