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Mind Baby

This song is by Crack the Sky and appears on the album Crack The Sky (1975).

Oh, Mama, baby's a queen in her costumes and cars
Oh, Mama, baby's a sweetie at the fashion show bars
Hey, baby, the lady's a woman and the woman's a child
Oh, Mama, the child's a toy, and the toy has gone wild
And she's over, I mean she thinks she is
And she's over, I mean she looks like she is
And she's over, I mean she still hasn't found her mind, baby

Her mind baby

Oh, Mama, she lives in a house with no lock on the door
Oh, Mama, there's no one upstairs, but there's a great bottom floor
Hey, baby, you throw her a look and she'll comfort your day
Oh, Mama, you throw her a book and she'll throw it away

Mind baby
Mind baby
Mind baby

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