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Plus One

This song is by Coyote Shivers and appears on the EP 1/2 A Rock & Roll Record (1999).

Sluts and drugs and fags and rock and roll.
There will be sluts and drugs and fags and rock and roll.
Should be fun.
I'm on the guestlist baby.
Be my plus one
Be my plus one.
Be my plus one.
Be my plus one.

Let's go.

Come with me baby,
it's a very special night.
Ramones farewell show,
Coney Island high
and they'll say adios amigos
and wave bye bye.
Oh baby baby I'm gonna want you by my side.


The clock above the bar says half past one,
but this is New York City and like us,
the night is young.
Take my advice and take my hand.
We'll catch a cab and watch the
Squeeze Box Band.


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