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Man On The Run

This song is by Cowboy Mouth and appears on the album It Means Escape (1994) and on the album Are You With Me? (1996).

I've got the desert in my eyes
And the western skies on my mind.
Everywhere I look
I see wide open country for miles.
Out in the distance
A montain the size of the sun
Well I ain't drivin nowhere
I feel like a man on the run... (Git gone)

Well adobe and teardrops are all i'm leaving behind
I'm somewhere in Texas, I'm lost and I don't see the signs
In a barroom in New Mexico an old man sells me a gun
But I ain't shootin' no one
I feel like a man on the run (That's right)

I feel like a man on the run
oh-oh-oh try and catch me!
oh-oh-oh i've just gotta be free, free, free
oh-oh-oh try and catch me!

From San Bernadino you can see the lights of LA
The closer they get the further they're slippin' away
I can almost feel the redemption forgiveness becomes
But I don't forgive anyone, I feel like a man on the run
I feel like a man on the run
... and i won't forgive anyone
... and i don't forgive anyone
... and i can't forgive anyone
... so i won't forgive you...
that's true

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