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Louisiana Lowdown

This song is by Cowboy Mouth and appears on the album Are You With Me? (1996).

Well my eyelids said four-thirty
And the radio clock said six
And I was thinking up a reasonable excuse
I might have slept till yesterday
But in the shape I'm in
What's twenty-four hours more or less to lose

I've burned up letters and I've burned up souvenirs
And left no traces Lord that I was ever here
And I won't be Louisiana lowdown and blue

Yeah, the phone rings after breakfast,
I swallow hard when I hear,
"Guess who?" and I say, "I don't know!" and the caller hangs up
I think I need a shower
But I really want a beer
And I remember this dream I had and I laugh to myself

I saw a stranger smiling at me yesterday
And it scared me almost half to death
I wanted to hide I wanted to run away from her
Instead I closed my eyes and she wasn't there

Oh, I was somewhere in the French Quarter
In the winter of last year
Down in the square, dripped chili on myself
When I headed home I heard the sounds
Of heaven in my ears
Turned and saw a woman singin' about Jesus

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