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He's Coming Home

This song is by Cowboy Crush and appears on the album Cowboy Crush (2009).

Well it took us by surprise when
He came home and told us
He just joined the army
Mama cried and left the room
Like Mama's do and simply said
"You should have warned me"
Daddy threw his arms around his neck
Said "Don't mind her you know
She really loves you."
Then he shook his hand and said "My friend
I think you'll make one hell of a soldier."
Things remain the same until
The day he had to leave
As we waved goodbye mama said to me

He's coming home
Out front of that bus depot
We all watched his arm
Reach out the window
Giving us the peace sign, oh
God we hate to watch him go
But no matter how far apart we are
We know
He's coming home

A mama's premonition
There ain't nothing like it
We all watched in anger
As the newsman forced a smile
And warned the country
That we all love is now in danger
Mama's baby went from boot camp drills
To standing in a field holding a rifle
His mind shifts from army grants
To finish school and be someone
To mere survival
With each letter that he sent
Before we read it
We all prayed it would be the one to tell us

He's coming home
Mama read each and every one
As we passed around the latest picture
Of him giving us the peace sign, oh
He'd been the same since he's been gone
But no matter how far apart we are
We know
He's coming home

As the war dust slowly disappeared
We all sat in fear
And feared the worst
Till the moment that phone rang
And he asked if he could talk to mama first
He's coming home
Please tell me he's coming home
Words can't describe what I was feeling
When mama shot us all the peace sign
Tears rolled when she hung up the phone
Hit her knees and thanked the Lord above
My boys coming home
He's coming home

He's coming home
He's coming home

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