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This song is by Covenant and appears on the album Dreams of a Cryotank (1994).

We close our eyes and look in opposite direction
We ignore the threats and hope they'll go away
We refuse to pay attention to the dangers we create
In the name of our fathers we kill our children

We wait and think that we are biding our time
We keep silent, we believe in our strength
We trust in propaganda of the wonders of tomorrow
In the shadow of contempt we are victims in the end

We dance to the sound of sirens
We watch genocide to relax
We dance to the sound of sirens
We are the heroes of self-deception

We are nailed to the ground, frozen in our movements
We listen while the sirens sound, speaking of improvements
We have anger in our souls that waits to be released
In the chill of fear we're petrified and useless when it counts

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