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Still Life

This song is by Covenant and appears on the album United States of Mind (2000).

The muffled beat of music someone celebrates
It's hunting season urbanised I wish I could be there
Warmth and laughter the right amount of danger
Johnnie Walker wisdom as Cohen used to say

But it's pouring down with rain
Do you remember?
Are you alive?
Do you still speak of deeds undone?

I used to be immortal I was innocent as a child
My vision was unlimited I saw rivers on the moon
I had important things to say can't remember what they were
Of all the things I did none had been done before

But achievements never last
Do you recall?
Do you dream?
Do you still need company?

I had a friend who knew the language of the future
I'm told he lost his mind they say he went away
Navigating empty streets astray among the lost
A shadow in the corner of a stranger's eye

But there's nothing left to learn
Do you count the years?
Do you breathe?
Do you still watch the sunrise?

My ambition took me further than I ever dreamt
I don't even need a mirror anymore
The penthouse pool is full of ice
It should be flowers winter came too soon

But you never liked to swim
Do you feel safe?
Are you happy?
Do you still know my name?

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