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This song is by Covenant and appears on the album Sequencer (1996).

I try to rise in pride, I want to radiate
Walk on water and ride the light
I try to break the chains, I want to penetrate
Cross the borders and drink the oceans

I need to burn my fuel, I want to detonate
Melt the sun and drain the sources
I need to waste my strength, I want to escalate
Turn the tide, conquer the stars

Give me velocity and gasoline
Electricity and adrenaline
I want to be superluminal

I have to go ahead, I want to elevate
Rise above, find the path, I have to look beyond
I want to perforate, reach behind, take it back
I must spread my wings, I want to scintillate
Blind myself, break away, I must be born again
I want to celebrate, stop the clock, never return

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