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Threshold Of The New

This song is by Coven 13 and appears on the album Worship New Gods (1987).

The seas are quiet
When the wind goes over
So calm are we
When the passions
Are no more
For then we know
How vain it was to boast
Of fleeting things
So certain to be lost

Clouds of affection
Run from our younger eyes
Conceal that emptiness
From which the age describes
The soul's dark cell
Battered and decayed
Let's walk in new light
Through openings that
Time has made
Leaving behind both
Worlds at once they knew
That they stand upon
The threshold of the new

Stronger by weakness
Wiser men become
As they draw near
To their eternal home
Leaving the old
Both worlds at once
They view that they
Stand upon the threshold
Of the new

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