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The Wicked Day

This song is by Coven 13 and appears on the album Worship New Gods (1987).

See the lonely shepherd boy
Sitting by himself
While Merlin teaches children
Many secrets of the elves
Peace is in the valley now
But only for a short while
Darkness surrounds Camelot
And makes the devil smile
Hear the seas crash madly
To stir the good king's mind
While Saxon men are marching
Toward their ultimate desire
Many men are waiting
Fatigued of mind and soul
While warriors are thirsting
For the blood of those below

Merlin sleeps forever (x4)
Hear the sounds of trumpets below
To sound the wicked day
Hear the sound of steel crash
For those who died that way

Oh take me back
To the green stained red
Where my memories gone away
Raise your sword and life your shield
Against the wicked day sing a song of sorrow sing tomorrow

(Hah) Father and son
Embrace in blood
Beneath the autumn sky
Dying to hear valkyries
To await their final ride
And now it's done
Who will remember
The wicked day
Raise your cups
To the warriors
Who died for peace that day
Merlin sleeps forever
Sing a song of sorrow
Sing tomorrow
The wicked day

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