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This song is by Coven 13 and appears on the album Worship New Gods (1987).

I looked out my window
Last night
I saw pretty babies
They were plastered
All over my window pane
I said to myself
Am I alive
Or could this really
Be a dream
And then I discovered
I was dead

Now you're here (x4)
Now I'm dead

Hey everybody
Join our coven
It's the darkest breed
You get what you like
You get what you need
And I love it
Yeah I love it
It's always on time
It's dark but always darkest
Before the dawn

Now you're here (x4)
Now I'm dead

Welcome to the realm
Of Loki
When I woke up
I found myself
In the realm of Loki
O looked around and
Saw the horned god
Smile at me
He said
There's no way out
You'll have to dine
With me
Then I discovered
I was dead

Now I'm here (x9)
Now you're dead

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