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General's Eye

This song is by Coven 13 and appears on the album Worship New Gods (1987).

Who sleeps in the dance
In the light of life
The conquerors of Rome
Ambrosious and Maximus
The fore fathers of old

When seasons change new life begins
A carnival - of misery
Good friends have come
Good friends have gone
Far away -

In the light I see you
In the darkness, through it
In the desert
Through the lands
I will follow you

Through the general's eye
You will see all
You will never fall -

Dance the dance
Of the midsummer fires
Drown your thirst
In heather beer
And desires
The bear has come
To choose his queen

And for every mile
You walk
You'll find a head on
Every stalk
The blood of the wicked
Will run tonight -

And in the distance
You can see breath
Of the dragon
Who's come from death -

The fangs are here and the
Stars are out
Through the general's eye -
I will follow you
All the way to hell
Through the general's eye
You will see all
You'll never fall -

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