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Iron Dick

This song is by Coven and appears on the album Blessed Is The Black (1988).

His mother a whore his father a horse
Born the result of some freak show
Sworn to avenge this cruel twist of fate
Make a trail of destruction as he goes
Since the day of his birth he's been filled with rage
In a crooked incestuous display
He killed the bitch who was the cause of this
And along with her the others must pay

Pulsating steel protrudes from my thighs
She who spreads is she who dies
Long as my arm and five times as thick
You'll die at the end of my iron dick

Terrifying fear at the sight of this gland
He will rape and kill those who defy
The result of his desire like machine gun fire
Tearing them to pieces from the inside
When he slides it in that's when the torture begins
His ugly face the last thing that you'll see
The resulting pain from this mammoth cane
Apparent in her endless dying screams

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