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This song is by Coven and appears on the EP Haunting Vision (2004).

Convicted of a crime he had not done
Only obeying his master, Satan
Knowing that time, that he was once given

Without hope, surrounded by darkness
In the woods, alone he wanders
Is fading away, all sins are forgiven

Did I rise against the gods?
Did I found the whole truth?
Why I had to suffer?
Losing my childhood my youth?

With so many questions
I was left alone
Wouldn't it be much easier
Having a heart of stone?

Betrayed by a woman, whom he loved so deeply
No trust left, no fate, just deadly thoughts only
Poison of sadness flowing through his veins

He had a chance to make things right
The rope around his neck is getting too tight
Bleeding heart and black memories, forever remains

For last time he rubs his eyes for a light to see
Afraid of his twisted thoughts, the life, his own enemy
Slowly ending his life, killing the violence
There's nothing more left, only grief and silence

As he takes his last breath, no one hears as he begs forgiveness
The agony's gone, but the emptiness remains... spawned by his innocence

Bleeding heart and black memories, forever remains

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