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This song is by Cousteau and appears on the album Cousteau (2000).

Hey, hey
Hey what became of you
And change, has it changed your tune
How long you wade inside the swirling swirling pool
Just in your own way

For miles, miles now I've been led
These wild, wild things in your head
Lead me blindly down where angels fear to tread
Just in your own way

Now can you feel, can you feel a change
It's circled 'round, it's come back down again
But I'll no longer shower here in someone else's rain
Just in your own way

Now time gets the best of you
Of wine and celestial views
Keep me anchored, keep me sane
Keep me confused
Just in your own way

Now you been lead, you been wildly spun
In rumours net, rumours I've become
Keep me shining in the artificial sun
Just in your own way...

Keeping me climbing
Now it's only just began
Just in your own way

Ah, ah, ah ah
Laaa la la la laaa laaaaaaa
Dada daaa da da daaaa
La la la laa lumbaaag

Ba baaaaa
Doo do do
Doo do doo

Thaa thaaa

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Oh oh

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Oh oh

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