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Moon Stalker

This song is by Courtney Swain and appears on the EP Growing Pains (2017).

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When I came back to this barren town
The streets sang louder than my dying ears
Stalking the moon across the night
Pen and paper let my tongue unwind

A werewolf eager to by charmed
Learning how to stay in the barn
Every ledge calls out to me
Throw your legs off my balcony

Growing pains
The thickened skin grew rings around my heart each year
The tighter bands were bitter hills

I spent a decade
Staring back at bedroom walls
Now I'm trying to reclaim
Every syllable in my name
I spent many nightmares
Waltzing mirrors in the dark
Now where can I rest peacefully
Is there a moon stalker colony
Where we stay awake silently
Watching the world sleep

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