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This song is by Courtney Love and appears on the album America's Sweetheart (2004).

Shut up I'm about to take
all your innocence for free
in the end you're gonna wanna pay me
shut up I'm about to tell you how
I won the war
Won't tell you what or how or when
and in the end you'll never ever ever
ask what for
Are you talking to me?
shut up I'm about to tell you 'bout the difference you'll never make
and win the war with no regrets
no hurt, no pain, no shame
shut up I'm about to tell you some secrets you'll never know
Now don't ask what, don't move, don't cry Don't even ask where this is going
I don't know

Are you talking to me? hey hey
Are you talking to me?

What's the matter, my baby's dead
his heart went blind on me
my dress caught fire
from 1 match that you gave me
And all that's left is your bill and
the breath I got
yeah I won't sit in your misery cuz the phonecall's gone and noone's comin'
noone's comin' noone's comin'
noone's coming for you
my dress is on fire
It's burning down
I got no desires
no one no one
but you leave this taste in your ring around the rosy yeah
addicted to all that shit
pocketfil of mistakes
taxes and romances
when it all burns down
dive dive dive dive
baby fire baby fire baby FIRE!

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