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Time For Goodbye

This song is by Courtney Jaye.

Feels like I'm falling out of love
Heaven help me
Voices of angels high above
Criticize me

Just when I find out who you are
I regret letting down my guard

Give me the word
Give the sign
If I should move on
Is this a good time
Time for goodbye

I can be so full of myself
That I'm empty
Such a believer of the truth
You resent me

Just when I find out where you've been
I regret ever giving in

Stains on the carpet
The holes in the wall
We're tearing it down till there's nothing at all
You ask me to stay
But you waited too long
'Cause I'm already gone

Now this is the word
This is the sign
Yeah I should move on
Now is a good time
Time for goodbye

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