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Could I've Been

This song is by Course of Nature and appears on the album No Time At All (2001) and on the album Superkala (2002).

Could I've been
Something more than what I've become
Really wonderful than some

Then today I heard a sad sad song I sang
And it was wonderful with pain
And I stop believing and I started thinking
It could be my mind
That's got me all choked up inside
With thoughts of all those fears I hide
And I stop thinking how I start believing

We could share our time that means nothing
If you aren't mine
And I knew you cared about me
Because people love to be loved too

I step aside and watch my life pass me by
You were supposed to be my wife
And stop believing, then I start thinking
And now I find that this thorn stuck in my side
Is all that's left of foolish pride
And I stop thinking now I start believing

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