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Goin' Down To New York Town

This song is by Counting Crows and appears on the movie soundtrack Mr. Deeds (2002).

Well I feel just like a freight train baby, runnin' out of steam,
I wanna go on down to New York town, but I'm stuck in between,
And I could stay on here at home alone and have myself to thank,
But just made a billion dollars and I don't wanna put it in the bank.
So if you'd call (call, call,) we could go to town.

Dear mom if you could see me now, here underneath the lights,
Well they keep 'em on from dusk 'til dawn and everything's alright,
I met a girl with autumn in her eyes and summer in the way,
She makes me feel like I was only born today or yesterday,
And if she'd call (call, call,) we could go to town.

But everybody here hates everything I say,
And girl I just don't know if I can last another day,
So I guess I'm goin' back, back where I belong,
I hope you come along before I get back on that train that takes me.

Home from New York City to the things I left behind,
And though ain't got no money girl, I'll always have the time,
But I wish that you would hurry, I hope you get here soon,
'Cause I just sold the sky the sun, so I could buy for you the moon.
And if you call (call, call,) we could go to town.

Oh if you call, (call, call,)
Yeah if you call, (call, call,)
Girl if you call, (call, call,)
We could go to town.

Written by:

Adam Duritz