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Closer To You

This song is by Counting Crows.

Well come a little closer if you can,
And just forget your fears,
Come to me, 'cause where I want to be.
Is closer to you.

And put your little hand into my hand,
And I'll throw off this disguise,
Come to me, 'cause I just want to be,
Closer to you.

I'm oh so tired of this awful fight,
Can't get by without you,
I don't know how I'm gonna be alright,
Oh I'm all messed up.
Though I'm all messed up, about you.

Well don't you wish we were younger,
But these things go to fast,
Come to me, because I used to be,
Closer to you.

Oh come to me 'cause I need to be,
Closer to you.

Written by:

Adam Duritz

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