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This song is by Counterparts and appears on the album The Difference Between Hell And Home (2013).

As far back as I can remember, the failure was always there
It was the only real companion that I have ever had
Not meant to live like this
Consciousness is nothing more than a vicious cycle, and I am being bled dry by my conviction
I've spent my life trying to find my confidence, and found absolutely nothing
Life is a lost cause
Too weak to carry on
I wish I'd never met who I once was
Not meant to live like this
Pursuing the love in all that I have lost, but I have left myself neglected, deserted from the start
Longing for a chance to wander; a chance to chase my aspiration
When you're devoid of feeling, you just do as your told
Hatred is exhausting, but it's all I'll ever know

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