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Happy Endings

This song is by Counterfit and appears on the album Super Amusement Machine For Your Exciting Heart (2002).

All this time
A written word erased a thousand times
Thinking right can only change it up
The look - hips so sick and tired of trying so hard
Every day
Sidetracked and played up

You want the opposite of me
You want the opposite

We'd unwind so slick to the sound of simple nothing
Close the blinds
Increase the sotryline
All this way brushed passed many times but never looking
Spent my chance on words that weren't mine

Can this happen and
Would you be there if?
Could we happen to end up this way?

Things that happen this way
When I am not awake
For this once, could it be a pinch for making sure?

Making sure
Make sure

And the lights go out and the TV's off
We're sending happy endings
And the lights go out and the TV's off
And we're sending
Happy endings