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This song is by Count The Stars and appears on the album Another Useless Night (2001).

You just lay down slowly, swiftly, crushing nothing
Catching maybes, maybe I'll try
And she was born out west to feel
The sun, the air, her dreams, the perfect sky
Now maybe everything will be all right
We'll take it one step back just to kill subtle time
Was everything always my fault
No I'll never be, No I'll never see
No I'll never be the thing you need
Though through all of this I swear
That I'll pretend to understand

Fate was not a question less than answers leading as she came around
I kind to feel like I'm losing you and losing time, and losing all that's true
Well someday I'll notice you in photographs in ashes of the past
But you can ever assure me that you'll always stay indestructible too
I'll pretend to understand my friend, I will pretend

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