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Left In July

This song is by Count The Stars and appears on the album Another Useless Night (2001).

I can't stop to linger, I can't control my fingers
And everyday is like one step closer and I can't explain
Right now I think I'm about, to waste
A day without a clue
And wait around while you think of shit to say

I want to know what she does to me
Why every other word's a hypocracy
Figure this one out it'll all make sense cause I
was left in July

There it goes, my innocence to whoever will rise above the rest
There it goes, my innocence to whoever will rise above you

Don't tell me - everything you want is so far away
With everything you have is so tucked away
Pieces of my life are lost and gone again
Stupid little notes and three page rhymes
I'm short of breath and over dressed and I
Never heard you take it in when I try....

Maybe things will change, because maybe I will try...

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