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Hold Me Up

This song is by Count The Stars and appears on the album Another Useless Night (2001).

There's so many things you don't know about me
The books that I read, the things that I watch
And it's not too unusual to ask my age
Or what's my favorite drink
And then the midnight shift arrives
Backing up the stars that cry your name
And you always say something gets in the way
That tears you inside
If I fall today, If I fall to break, Hold me up
I'm holding on just to feel dark shade
Then moving on to the next of the days
Now don't you feel like you've been here before
Or do you feel like you want it more
There's days like this when I need you now
To hold me up, to let me down
Because letting go is the easiest thing
When letting go is the only way

If I fall today
If I fall to break
Hold me up
If I fall today
To break

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