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Paranoid Cocoon (2009)Edit

Cotton Jones - Paranoid Cocoon
Paranoid Cocoon
  1. Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have)
  2. Gotta Cheer Up
  3. Some Strange Rain
  4. Gone the Bells
  5. Photo Summerlude
  6. By Morning Light
  7. Cotton & Velvet
  8. Little Ashtray in the Sun
  9. Blood Red Sentimental Blues
  10. I Am the Changer

Tall Hours in the Glowstream (2010)Edit

Cotton Jones - Tall Hours In The Glowstream
Tall Hours in the Glowstream
  1. Sail of the Silver Morning
  2. Somehow to Keep It Going
  3. Glorylight and Christie
  4. Man Climbs Out of the Winter
  5. Song and Numbers
  6. Soft Mountain Shake
  7. Place at the End of the Street
  8. More Songs for Margaret
  9. Goethe Nayburs
  10. Dream on Columbia
  11. No Things I Need (Like Some Time Ago)
Bonus track on Amazon release
  1. Best of the Thanks

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