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​The Jap Uses The Black To Kill The White

This song is by Costes and appears on the album Jap Jew (1993).

Beware white people
The city is not yours
The Jap is a real threat
I came to warn you

Since centuries, the white race leads the world
We got the little shit by murders and looting

So silently, all the other races hate us
Indians, Jap and niggers and Chinese
They all hate us back


So listen. I'm going to tell you
How the Jap uses the black to kill the white

Have you seen the cute white boy with his hard dick?
Have you seen the black slut with her sick cunt?
She says hi, he says hi and they fuck together
And the cute white boy gets AIDS from the ugly black slut

He didn't think she got AIDS because he wanted to fuck
She didn't say she got AIDS because she wanted his bucks

She got AIDS from the Jap Jew
The Jap Jew gives AIDS to the black prostitutes
So that the negresses will give AIDS to the white boys
Soon all the white boys will die