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Costes Cock Clones

This song is by Costes and appears on the album Jap Jew (1993).

Hey you, the Jap, the Jap!
Oh yes mister, you call me?
Yes, you, the Jap! You, you, Jap, Jap! Come here, Jap!
Yes mister, you call me?
Yeah. Something to tell to you.
Yeah man, you're pretty ugly, you know that?
Oh, I beg your pardon?
You are ugly, ugly, ugly! An ugly Jap.
But that's not the main question about you, ugly Jap!
I would like to know what you are fucking doing here, ugly slug.
Um, well, my name Ikakiyamakotoyamasokakamerakokamasutra.
And I'm a Japanese businessman in holidays in France to make some pictures of your beautiful monuments!
Oh, I know the slugs!
To spy Costes when he pees!
To take pictures of his cock!
And now they're to build Costes cock clones!
Because Jap slugs have a small cock.
And they want to have a big hard dick like me!
So they pictures of the Costes cock.
And then in secret, in a land [??] somewhere in the mountains of China, they build billions of Costes clones.
Because Jap slugs have small cocks, and they want to have big, hard red dick like me!
So they build Costes cock clones!

I took a picture of your cock, because I'm in love with you, Mr. Costes!
I'm in love with your cock!
There are so many millions of Japanese in love with your big Costes cock.

Oh, so you like my dick?
So just take it.
I fuck your butt with the real stuff.
Oh it's good, oh it's good...
Oh yeah, it's good, slug, eh?

Because I fuck your butt with the real stuff.
I fuck your butt with the Costes cock.
Oh yes it's good, oh yes it's good...

Oh yes, it's good because slug, it's not a fake Costes cock.
It's not a Costes cock clone.
It's a real Costes cock, fucking your butt, slug.

Oh, I'm so happy, Mr. Costes.
So you to fuck me up the butt.
I dream of it for so many years.
All I came to France especially to take your big cock in my little ugly Jap ass.

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