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Out Of This World

This song is by Cosmic Blush And Proto Zoa.

Your smile, gets me every single time I see you
Your eyes, take me away
I don't, really know what this is gonna lead to
But it's like, I'm floating in space

You take me somewhere, I've never been before
There's a whole new place waitin'
When you open up the door

You're out of this world
I knew that you could make it
You didn't have to fake it
You're never coming down

You're out of this world
You can't get any better
We're gonna last forever
Keep your head up don't look down

You're out of this world
(Out of this world)
Out of this world
(Out of this world)

Proto Zoa:
The stars, like diamonds up above our heads are fallin'
I know that wishes come true
Your voice, across the universe you were callin'
Like a song from out of the blue

We're flyin' so high, we're almost at the top
But as long as we're together, I never wanna stop

Comic blush
So many dreams to fly to
And I'll be right beside you
We're getting closer to the sun
Proto Zoa: their shinin'

We'll let the moon stand us
A million stars surround us
Wishing on each one

(Chorus 1&2 till fade)

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