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Straight To Hell

This song is by Cory Morrow.

I grew up just west of the tracks

Holding me to hold you back, around your door she's calling out my name

She said son won't you go outside, I've got a man coming over tonight

The seventh one in seven days

So I walk on down to the parking lot,

Hang around with all my friends, and roam the streets til dawn breaks again

I come in at five a.m. and she is waiting for me

She said where have you been, I said I was out,

She said you're no good cause you're running without love


Cause I'm going straight to hell

Just like my momma said

I'm going straight to hell

I'm going straight to hell

Just like my momma said

I'm going straight to hell

The black widow and the ladies man

Met down at the laundrmat and tried to make me understand

The neighbors were all in a stir

about what they might have heard

and running down and shouted out it seemed

Next door a girl she lives about the same age as me

and asked me to come upstairs for a see

Just then her mother burst in said your that son of a bitch in the wind

Get out of my house and hit the road

and I kept fallin like a Rolling Stones song


The stars came out and warned me so

As I walked on down the road

Fifty bucks and a suitcase steered me clear

She took my hand as we walked into the sun

A new days promise had begun

We'll make it alone whether you like it or not

I turned around and shouted help me mother


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