Corrosion Of Conformity:Mine Are The Eyes Of God Lyrics

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Mine Are The Eyes Of God

This song is by Corrosion of Conformity and appears on the album Blind (1991).

Taught to believe from the onset
Of heaven & hell & between
The institution's retribution
Damnation from on high
Living & dying together
Never did nothing at all
Except for the few
Who got rich off of you
& the rest
They were herded like sheep

Mine are the eyes of God
& what I see is not
What was meant to be
Mine are the eyes of God
Mine are the eyes
Mine are the eyes of God

Down the road to betrayal
Of values they held to be true
To get to the spirit of life
The whole goddamn world is riding
On words for thousands of years
It's just like the west
To think it knows best
When answers are subject to change


They took what could have been
& turned it upside down
They twisted all things seen
What's lost must now be found

I got to see it
Got to believe it
I got to be there

I got to see it
Got to believe it

Given the power of reason
Yet throwing it all to the wind
No solution
In evolution
Only the blood-stained glass
A soul full of lies in contention
Begs sacred yet worships profane
Lose sight of the fact
That you're where it's at
Not the stars
Not the cross
Nor the moon