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This song is by Corrosion Of Conformity and appears on the album Deliverance (1994).

This song is featured in the video game Guitar Hero: Metallica.
Original video

Well I'm feeling left behind
Lord, what a waste of time
They're coming to get you
Run on

How can I respect your crime
When all you criminal whine?
They bought and sold you
Run on, run on, yeah

Well you can call me crazy
Or you can call me wrong
'Cause, see I was born a liar
Albatross, fly on, fly on

My home is kind
Man, it pays to be blind
Well, I promise to forget you
Run on, yeah

No swallowed pride
No conspiracy lined
Broken promise of virtue
Run on, Lord, run on

Well you can call me lazy
But I know where I belong
'Cause, 'cause I was born a liar
Albatross, fly on, fly on

With your trust in love
From your God above
Ha ha

Ooh, I believe
The albatross is me

Well you can call me crazy
You can call me wrong
'Cause, 'cause I was born a liar
Albatross, fly on, fly on

I should have seen the signs
Now the memory's far behind
It was no big loss
Fly on albatross, yeah

Fly on
Fly on abatross, yeah
Fly on
Fly on

Written by:

Pepper Keenan Wikipedia16 / Reed Mullin Wikipedia16

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